Hiring team players

Part Time

What if going to work was called making a difference instead?

Imagine having a job where being an inspiration is one the perks.

If ALL of the following are true we want to hear from you.

1. You are always real. You agree big egos should go fly kites.

2. You like puppies.

3. Hard work doesn't scare you or make you cry.

4. You don't love drugs, alcohol, weapons, stealing or any other shananigans.

5. Helping out comes natural.

6. Giving back makes you smile.

If ANY of the following sound more like you, please immediately close out the screen when done reading.

1. You hate if you are asked to help in any way.

2. Hard work scares you and makes you cry.

3. You hate puppies.

4. You are moody and love drama.

5. You consider mornings anytime after 1pm.

6. Inspiring others makes you want to vomit.

Hopefully, you are still reading because the first set of statements rings true for you. Great! 

If you are more productive before sun comes up, you have found your ideal match. Respond to this post via the email below with the words "[YOUR NAME]: Purple Unicorn" in the subject line. We will only consider applications that follow this instruction.  

In the message, please include: your name, location, transportation status, and confirmation that you can pass a drug and background check. 

We will respond if we think you are a good fit.

So who are our next rock stars? 

Email jessica@youhaveitmaidcleaning.com